I know this is typically a place where I share random musings, family updates, recipes etc. but bare with me this may get a little deep. I came across an instagram photo posted by a fellow blogger regarding something she heard from her hot yoga instructor that really had an impact on her. The instruction was simple and was intended in a much different context (ie. don’t fidget or reach for water) but they application in terms of bad habits or destructive thought patterns have also stuck with me all week.

“. . . .it doesn’t serve you, so don’t do it.”

It is so easy to get caught up in these fear based thoughts. Choosing to see things differently or to give up these negative thoughts/habits is challenging and sometimes scary because while they may be destructive it’s easier to turn to what we already know. They maybe small negative thoughts that we can’t do something or larger more obvious destructive behaviors but end result is the same – they act like a cancer infecting our mind and hearts and making it difficult for us to reach our full potential.

I don’t have any real answers or suggestions. Just a few random thoughts and a hope that uncovering these destructive behaviors and thoughts and being mindful is the first step in making a change. There is no better time than now to start.

“When the time is on you, START, and the pressure will be off.” Yogi Bhajan

What words of wisdom have inspired you lately?