After four days with just our little family we got our second round of company. Last Friday our good friend Ryan made the trek up North with his girlfriend Jenna to celebrate his 32nd birthday. Since we’ve returned north after University Ryan has been awesome about coming up to see us on a regular basis! It felt like the good ol’ Lethbridge days with the addition of a baby (dude, we’re getting old) and Ryan’s fave gal Jenna (She’s awesome I must say :)).

Friday afternoon we lured them out to Cameron Falls for a little hike. We probably left out the part about the rocky hike into the falls but I hope they felt the view and a whisky jack sitting on Ryan’s finger was worth braving the cold. There had been reports earlier this week of a muskox being seeing out there but sadly we didn’t see anything larger than a bird.






Ryand and the bird

We got some super tasty bacon cupcakes from Where Picture this Productions – Where Ideas Come to Life.


Henry and Ryan bonded while watching the duck song.

Ryan and Henry

Saturday we did hit the obligatory Yellowknife tourist spots: the Legislative Assembly, Visitor’s Center, Old Town etc. Then we went out for a wonderful birthday dinner at Thorton’s. Jenna and I had the white fish – it was AMAZING!! Excuse my terrible iphone photo – it doesn’t do the meal justice.


Then out for a fun night out πŸ™‚ I seriously can’t believe Chris and I didn’t fall asleep on the table. These days 11pm is super late for us. Haha we’re old. . .

Love these guys!
Chris and Ryan

Thanks for coming Ryan and Jenna we had a blast. Can’t wait to see you both again soon! And Happy Birthday Ryan hope you had a great one πŸ™‚