Hi all – Hope you’re all having a fabulous long weekend!

Henry did fabulous last week at day home. He didn’t nap at all the first day so when I picked him up he was a little zombie but the second day he had both of his naps. It was the strangest feeling dropping him off and then having time to myself. I felt so conflicted. It was great to have this time to myself but I felt guilty and missed little H. As promised I kept myself super busy! The first day I got in a 14km run, lifted and then took in a class at the gym. Probably a bit of overkill but I wanted to take full advantage of my time. I did a big clean including washing base-boards, doors, walls etc., had our chimney cleaned and did some frozen meal prep. I imagine that getting meals cooked once I’m back at work will sometimes be a challenge so the more I can prep ahead of time the better.

After those two days of I’m a little sorry to admit that I was more tired than when I have H home all day but I got tons done so I guess it balances out.

The two hardest things about H starting day home really surprised me. The first is that H really loves Nanna (what the kids call their day home provider). She is a lovely woman and has a real gift with children and my normally shy little H was immediately taken with her. While I’m thrilled that he feels comfortable with her and is happy at day home I’m a little sad that he didn’t appear to miss me more. The second thing that I found really hard was that when I picked Henry up he didn’t smell like himself – not that he smelt bad, just different. I know that probably sounds crazy but I honestly couldn’t wait to get him in the bath so that he could go back to smelling like himself.

This weekend I’m savoring our time together, getting in lots of play dates and getting ready for work next week. I’m still feeling apprehensive about returning to work but at least I can rest easy that H is comfortable at day home.

Wish me luck next week!

How are you spending your long weekend?