I’ve always loved getting mail! As a kid I had a ton of pen pals. I loved all of the thought and detail put into each letter and package. Believe it or not I still stay in contact with many of my friends who live far away through snail mail. It’s a little slower and definitely takes more effort than throwing together an email but it is such a nice little treat for your friends on the other end 🙂

This month I participated in my first Foodie Pen Pal exchange. This is a food exchange organized by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean. She has over a 1000 participants from all of the US and Canada. It’s a fun way to connect with people from around the country and to share some of your favorite or local food items. Each month you are connected with two individuals. One who you will be sending a package to and another who will be sending you a package. What a great idea right? I wish I had thought of it 😉

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Foodie Penpal

This month I sent a package to Michelle from 3 Cheap Runners and received a package from Andrea. It was so nice to connect with each of these lovely ladies and to get to know a little more about them prior to exchanging our packages.

As you can imagine I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my package all month! Andrea sent me a wonderful package! My package included
– locally produced Ontario honey to appeal to my sweet tooth,
– salsa seasoning mix due to my obsession with all things tacos,
– pasta in a fun shape which Henry will love and last but certainly not least
– Chip nuts – peanuts covered in a crunchy potato coating. Andrea warned me that these were addictive and she wasn’t kidding!! Chris loved them!! Of course he did they’re like chips only better.



A big thank you to Andrea for a lovely package!! I hope we can keep in touch. Perhaps through more snail mail and Instagram of course 😉

I’m enjoyed it so much I’m looking forward to participating again. If you’re interested in participating head over to The Lean Green Bean for more information. If you don’t have a blog don’t worry that isn’t a requirement.

To find out what I sent Michelle head over to 3 Cheap Runners.

Have you every participated in The Foodie Penpals?
Have you ever had a pen pal?
Do you like sending/receiving snail mail?