Happy Friday Everyone!!

Today I’m linking in to Meg’s High Five Friday. I’m a relatively new reader of Meg’s blog but I really appreciate her passion for food and fitness. She is also the creator of High Five Friday which encourages us to take time every week to celebrate our accomplishments whether they be large or small. What a great idea!


This week I’m giving myself a High Five for finally reaching out and working with a trainer to develop a training plan that will help me achieve my fitness goals. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but have put off. Asking for help has always been challenging for me so taking this step was huge!! Tara from Sweat Like a Pig helped me tailor a program for specifically for me that takes into consideration my wacko schedule (baby, hubs away half the time, work etc.). I absolutely can’t wait to get started!! Sadly this new program will mean cutting down my running mileage which will be difficult for me but I’m excited to see some BIG changes!

We’ve had a fantastic first week home with hubs!! Chris’s grandmother was up visiting from Toronto! It was her first time meeting H so it was an extra special visit šŸ™‚ Little H is so lucky to have both sets of grandparents and both great grandmothers in his life. It is so heartwarming to see him developing relationships with our parents and grandparents. Makes me a little teary just thinking about it. We had a wonderful visit with Chris’s Popo (Chinese for grandmother)! The weather could not have been better. Everyday it was in the high 20ties. A little humid for us northerners since we usually have dry heat but I’m not complaining. We checked out the Aboriginal Day festivities, went for lots of walks and spent time on the deck. Popo doesn’t cook but LOVES food, especially desert so we made sure to cook her lots of delicious meals while she was here. I was bad at taking photos this week but I did manage to get a photo of one particularly delicious salad with a side of grilled scallops. Swoon!! So good!

Spinach and Scallop Salad

We also did some cooking for little Mr. H. At this point he can eat what we’re eating most nights but sometimes our meals are not exactly baby friendly – ie. salads, fish, spicy dishes etc. We usually to make a few baby friendly meals to have as a quick go to for lunches or when our dinner is not Henry friendly. A fellow foodie friend gave me Tyler Florence’s book Fresh Start that has a ton for great recipes for baby. They don’t look like what you would typically think of when you think baby food which is what I love about them. I love exposing H to as many different flavors and textures as possible! Being able to share our love of food with him has been so much fun! This week we made him

Maple Roasted Pork Chops with Butternut Squash and Beets
Baby dinner1

Ginger Chicken with Coconut
Babyfood 2

Of course we all had to have a little taste šŸ™‚ It may seem like a lot of extra work but it is so much easier to have healthy and delicious meals ready for him instead of worrying what to feed him if we’re running a little behind one day or if we’re in the mood for something he can’t eat.

Popo left early Thursday morning – 4am wake up call. Unfortunately H is in the process of cutting his top left front tooth so he was up a lot the night before she left. I have a feeling no one in the house got much sleep. šŸ˜¦ It was sad to see her go.

While it will be nice to get back into our routine I think we’re going to suffer a little family withdrawal after having spent so much time with family over the last month. Hopefully we’ll get to visit with them again soon!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!!

What are you giving yourself a High Five for this week?