It has finally warmed up!! It looks like summer may finally be with us. Over the last couple of days I’ve spent as much time as possible on the deck soaking up some much needed vitamin D.

It’s hard to believe that May is almost over! So far it’s been a great month.

First Chris’s uncle came up from Toronto for visit. We always love visits from Paul and this one was extra special since it was his first time meeting Henry. Paul is so great with kids and Henry warmed up to him right away!


We also had our next baby photography session. This should have been our 6 month session but we postponed a few times hoping that Henry would become a more stable sitter. Unfortunately for us he skipped the sitting still stage and went straight to crawling. He can sit now but good luck getting him to sit still when he’d much rather be exploring 😉 I feel so lucky that we’ve been able to work with such a talanted photographer who seems to effortlessly bring out the unique personality of everyone she photographs. So far I only have a few sneak peaks but if these are any indication the rest will be fabulous!

I especially love this one of my boys


Training for a race I’m running in Edmonton at the beginning of June has also been at the top of the priority list. The anticipation of an away race has really given me the added incentive to get out running even though I don’t enjoy running with the stroller. Running the yearly marathon in our small town is certainly fun but there is nothing like going to a bigger venue and running with hundreds or thousands of people. It’s exhilarating and inspiring to say the least. Getting away for the race will also give me an opportunity to visit with my family. And who knows perhaps Chris and I will even be able to sneak away one evening after Henry is in bed for a date night.

Henry and I have also been spending a few afternoons a week at the day-home where he will be going when I return to work. The day-home provider has been amazing and suggested that we come for play dates well in advance of his start date so he can get to know her and the other kids. So far he’s done great! He’s a little cautious to begin with but usually within 10-15 minutes he’s crawling around checking out the new toys. It’s amazing to watch him going off and exploring and meeting other kids without me.

Henry has become so much more mobile over the last few weeks. Gone are the days of sitting quietly with him while he plays. Now he’s on the move and is exploring the house. It’s busy but fun 🙂


Choosing a book for story time 🙂

Hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend!