Things have been a bit of a blur around here. The whole family caught a cold last week. Thankfully we’re feeling better now but we still can’t seem to completely get rid of our stuffy noses and the random coughing fits. In the midst of that Henry sprouted his first tooth and a second one will be popping through any day now.

Henry’s first tooth gave us a run for our money! The poor little guy was inconsolable. Thankfully Chris was home so we took turns comforting him but honestly neither of us got any sleep that night. Of course the next day I couldn’t sleep despite my best efforts so Chris and Henry napped and I drank LOTS of coffee. It made for a really long day especially since he was still quite cranky. To be honest I’m not entirely sure how much of his discomfort was due to the tooth and how much of it was related to his cold. I guess I’ll find out shortly. . . It is so hard when your little one is in discomfort and there is very little you can do to alleviate their pain. They weren’t kidding when they said being a mom isn’t for wimps.

Once his tooth popped through, he couldn’t stop playing with it. 😉


Chris is back to work so for right now it is just little H and I. Enough of the snow has melted that I’ve been able to get out running. Running with the stroller adds a whole other level of difficulty. The added weight and the way it changes how your entire body moves makes running feel a bit awkward. It has been a bit of a struggle so for now I’m keeping it to short runs and trying not to feel discouraged.

As the weather gets warmer I am usually craving crisp, fresh, spring flavors but for some reason I’m still craving warm comfort food. This week I whipped up a batch of pumpkin pie spiced steel cut oats in my slow cooker. I LOVE pumpkin pie! It is my all time favorite dessert. In fact every time we visit my parents my mom still makes it for me. Speaking of which I can’t wait for our visit with them in a few weeks!

What could be better than a warm bowl of pumpkin pie goodness first thing in the morning! I added some toasted pecans and a few raisons to mine. I’m not usually a fan of raisons but for some reason I like them in my oatmeal.


Tonight buffalo chili was on the menu. I cooked it up in the slow cooker and ate it over spinach with a little cheese and avocado.


What are some of your favorite comfort foods?