When you do a two weeks on and two weeks off work schedule you really appreciate every minute that you have at home. Chris has meeting in Toronto next week so he was home for the last two days. It was a perfect couple of days spent playing with Henry, going for walks and I got to go to the gym.

As usual we also did some cooking 😉 Chris has been craving lobster so we whipped up a batch of lobster mac and cheese. It was so delicious!! If only it wasn’t so terrible for me.


In keeping with my craving for sugar I tested out a chocolate raspberry pie that I saw featured on The Healthy Foodie. The filling is made of greek yogurt and avocado and there is actually very little sugar. I really enjoyed it although Chris thought it was a little too “healthy” tasting to be a dessert.


Sadly last night was a rough one for Henry and I. I’m not sure whether he’s teething, struggling to adjust to eating solids or if he’s just not wanting to sleep. Whatever the reason it was a painful night. Poor Chris had to be up at 3:30am to catch his early flight. After a night like that it feels like it will be a lazy day in our house. I have a soup cooking in the slow cooker (I’ll share the recipe later) and now I’m going to lay down for a bit while Henry naps. Fingers crossed that tonight is better. Hope you’re all having a restful Sunday!