I’m more than a little late with this post but better late than never.

For months Chris had been telling me that he desperately wanted to lay on a beach somewhere and recharge. I always struggle with the idea of a beach holiday. There are so many amazing places that I want to go, things that I want to see and eat that the idea of laying on a beach typically doesn’t make the top ten list. Thankfully Chris was persistent and in early December he called me from camp very excited about a vacation package he had found. Less than half an hour later we had booked our trip to La Amada in Playa Mujeres Mexico.

Like a lot of people I have been hesitant about visiting Mexico with all of the horrible stories that have been in the media recently. I also had a  some what jaded view of Mexico since a trip to Cancun that C and I made when I was 17. I have to say that even at that young age the craziness of Cancun over American spring break did not appeal to us.

The reviews on trip adviser and the beautiful photos that people posted of their rooms were helpful in convincing me to give Mexico another look. I loved the fact that the resort was far enough away from Cancun that we could completely avoid the craziness. I also loved  that we could have our own private plunge pool so we splurged a little and got the upgraded room. I would definitely recommend getting an ocean view terrace suit – you’re high up enough to ensure privacy, your deck is enormous, you have a beautiful view of the ocean and the plunge pool doesn’t suck either after a long day at the beach or a good workout in their fabulous gym.

Beautiful and spacious bathroom 🙂

The shower was monstrous!


Hubs couldn’t wait to have Coke out of a glass bottle 🙂  Loving the minibar!

 We were also really impressed by their beach area. There was no lack of comfortable seating which made it easy to spend the entire day laying on the beach 🙂 The service was also amazing. Drinks and food delivered to you on the beach. Why yes I’ll have another Pina Colada and some fish tacos 🙂

Since this was my first all-inclusive vacation I was a little hesitant about what the food would be like. A lot of people had warned me that food at their all-inclusive was less than appealing. Thankfully La Amada’s food was delicious. The only buffet was at breakfast and it was delicious – although I must say that most mornings we ordered room service. Did I mention I LOVE room service!!

The three other restaurants were all a-la-carte and the presentation was amazing.


Can’t beat ordering desert and coffee up to your room. Creme brulee YUM!

Looking at these photos makes me want to go back! All I can say is that if you’re like me and always seem to discount the appeal of a lazy beach holiday don’t be so quick to judge, sometimes it is just what the doctor order 😉

Hope everyone is having a restful Sunday!