Hello hello! It has been a challenging/exciting few months but it is time to get back into the swing of things. Everyday I  see signs that spring is slowly creeping up on us and I am feeling hopeful for new possibilities and new experiences.

This increase in sunlight has me craving fresh summer flavors and barbecue. Sadly our BBQ is still burried in snow so that may have to wait but in the meantime some of our other favorite summer dishes are beginning to make their way to our table.

One of my favorite standbys for a quick and fresh meal is a greek salad. The colourful mix of vegtables combined with the salty/briny flavors of the feta and olives always has me coming back for more.

Last weekend hubs treated me to a lovely meal of Salmon with Puffed Pastry and Pesto along with a Ginger-Lime Chickpea Couscous salad. This salad is one of our favorite go-tos for bbqs I especially love the combination of the ginger lime dressing with the mint. It also makes an excellent lunch if there are leftovers 😉

Hopefully these summer time flavors can help me be paitent while I wait for the snow to melt!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!