Well hello!! Sorry folks I know it has been a while.

Hubs and I road tripped to Edmonton at the end of August for
my sister’s wedding. We drove down a week or so early so that we could help out with the last minute wedding preparations and be around for the shower and the Stag/Staggette.  I felt incredibly honored to stand with my sister as she married her best friend.  I also felt lucky to meet some of their close friends who just like S & D are extremely fun loving and high energy. Those guys certainly know how to have a good time and C and I had a blast!!  I promise I will post some pictures soon.

The day after the wedding my parents hosted a small family reunion at their home. Two of my dad’s brothers and my cousin and her family came from Saskatchewan and one brother came from Texas for the wedding. Two of them my dad hadn’t seen in at over 14 years! My mom’s two sisters who live in Edmonton also joined us.  It was so great to see everyone!

When we returned home, C’s parents had driven up from Lethbridge and were at our house so that they could do some work on their rental property. It turns out that they had more work to do than they originally anticipated so they stayed for almost a month. It was perfect timing as C was off for another three weeks and because they were here to celebrate C’s birthday with us.  For his birthday I made C his favorite chocolate cake with the mocha icing. Thanks Ina – you never steer me wrong 🙂

On top of having house  guests, we threw oureslves into even more chaos by deciding to have our house repainted on the spur of the moment. The good news is that it looks amazing and it is almost finished – our painter is putting on the finishing touches as I am typing this post 🙂 C and I have done a number of small renos since purchasing the house last year including replacing all of the light fixtures, replacing all of the light switches and plugs, re-shingling the roof and now repainting. After all of that I am finally starting to feel like this is our home.

Despite the being extremely busy I feel extremely lucky to have been able to spend so much time with our families this month both with my family in Edmonton and C’s family here in YK. Tragedy has stricken our small northern community twice within the last month and has made me reflect on how thankful I am to have wonderful family and friends.  I am reminded how precious life is,  to live every day to the fullest and to tell those important people in your life how much they mean to you. C left on Thursday and my in-laws left early this morning and I’m already missing them terribly!

I am home sick with a cold this weekend. The craziness of the last month is finally catching up with me. I am desperate to be completely recovered before I fly to Victoria next week for the Good Life Marathon. All I need is some Neocitron,  a bowl of lemon chicken soup and some rest. Check, check and check! Let’s hope this works!

Happy Saturday everyone!