Most days of the week you can find me running or participating in any number of other exercise related activities (bootcamp, max strength, power core, spin). But recently I have started reserving Fridays for yoga.

After a busy and sometimes stressful week at the office and a week full of high intensity cardio and strength training an hour of yoga to is the perfect way to shift gears and prepare for the weekend.

I really enjoy the Vinyasa Flow Yoga class offered at my local fitness club as they typically spend a lot of time focusing on the hip flexors which is great for runners and those of us who spend too many hours sitting in front of a computer. The word Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement”. During the class the instructor instructs you to move from one position to the next on the next inhale or exhale.

I love structure, making lists, having a schedule and keeping busy but  for that hour I am able to separate myself from all of that and focus on following the breath from one movement to the next. I’m no yogi master and I am light years away from having a ‘zen’ like approach to life but it is a work in progress. 🙂

Happy Friday Everyone!