No visit from my parents would be complete without a trip to
our favorite fish joint. Fish at Bullocks Bistro is legendary and something I
would encourage all visitors to sample. They’ve never had what you’d call “good
customer service” in fact,  if you request a beverage they may actually bark at you and tell you to get it yourself. But I can promise you will leave thoroughly entertained and the fish will not disappoint!

The building itself looks like a rundown shack located in Yellowknife’s Old Town – don’t be scared away by it’s disheveled appearance.  Both the outside and inside of the building are covered (and I do mean covered in) quirky signs/bumper stickers and notes left by anyone in possession of a marker who felt the urge to leave their mark. So if you’re feeling inspired this is one place where drawing on the walls is encouraged 🙂

There is no formal menu and their selection is very limited but you’re not here for the selection.  If you arrive early enough you will be lucky enough to get fresh rolls to start your dinner. Their fish comes one of two ways, battered or grilled and is accompanied by hand cut fries and salad. I would strongly recommend the grilled variety that is cooked in a delicious ginger fish sauce.  A ginger fish sauce dressing (the same dressing used to cook the grilled fish) and a feta cheese dressing are provided for your salad along with fresh made tartar sauce for your fish. All of which are delicious!  My husband  can never resist spreading a thick layer of the feta dressing and the tartar sauce on top of his fish.

If you’re ever in the neighbourhood I strongly encourage you to check it out!

(sadly my phone and camera were out of commission during this visit, thanks to and for the great photos.