Yesterday I had the misfortune of locking myself out of the house. At the exact moment that I realized I didn’t have my key I could hear my dad’s voice in my head saying “you should never leave the house without your keys or your wallet”.  In my defense dad I did have my key ring with me I just didn’t have the house key with me. I had been running earlier that night and taken my house key off the key ring so that it would fit in the little pocket in my water carrier and forgot to put it back on my key
ring.The kicker is that my husband is away for two weeks.

For those of you have had the misfortune of also locking yourself out of the house a million things go through your head. Why don’t I leave an emergency key outside for just such occasions? I wonder if I can crawl through a window? Why haven’t I ever learn to pick locks? Why did I have to leave the house? Etc.

Thankfully four wonderful individuals were only a short walk away and within 15 minutes I was no longer was contemplating if it would be warm enough to comfortably sleep on the deck.


I’ve come to two conclusions:

  1. I need to invest in a water carrier that can fit my keys for the times I’m not wearing lululemon shorts with the handy key pouch AND,
  2. That kind people are out there and the smallest act of kindness can really lift a person’s spirits and in my case reminded me that there ARE good people out there and that no act of kindness goes unnoticed and left me inspired to pay if

Stay tuned to hear how!